What’s the best advice you got when starting out?

This year one of my goals is to help, support, train and coach as many start-up and small business owners as possible.

I am passionate about working with startups & small business owners as I believe these people;

1. Require extra support, someone to share the stress with and gain new perspectives from.


2. Are more likely to help grow the local economy because as they grow they will also in turn support other small businesses.

I want to gather the advice that  helped you move forward when you were facing some tough challenges. Maybe when you were starting out, hit a lull in your business or when starting off in you career?

Whatever the advice was please share it, in the hope that it will help someone else at a time when they need a great piece of advice!

So if you are a person who has come through some tough challenges, I’d like to invite you to share the best advice you received to help you through – you can even recognise the person who gave it to you, and what happened as a result! Please complete the form below and I will collate the entries into a document to be shared.

Your contribution will be recognised in the document and when it is ready I will send you the document via email.

Please do pass this on..
 share this on Facebook, LinkedIn or if on Twitter, please use #PPFLchat

To your continued success,

Breda – helping you plan today for a brilliant tomorrow.
p.s. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions.
Simply submit into the comment box below and I’ll respond ASAP!


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