7 Steps to Social Media Success Q&A

My “7 Steps to Social Media Success” E-Course, will take you through all the steps you need to get your social media platforms up and running.

Just in case you have questions, simply post them here (In the comment box below).. or you may find the question has already been answered for you!

You can ask me questions on

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  • Linkedin
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  • WordPress Blogging
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NOTE: Questions will be answered on Tuesday’s!!

Social Media is a tool to be used in your business.. Are you taking full advantage of it?



  1. Ultan said

    Re twitter: If I do say ‘#mynametips’ or ‘#startuptips’ – does that mean I own this filter or will users know its me who originated from if others using?

    • No you don’t “own” it, but should people search for it then they may see that the original stream came from you. Also putting your name into the #tag is a good way of saying that it came from you and your followers will know that!

  2. Ultan said

    discovered my facebook posts turn up chopped in half on twitter, you think that ok/good? leave as is?

    • Your facebook business page updates right? Yea that’s fine. It gets cut down because twitter only displays 140 char. If you are putting different information on each platform, then I don’t see the harm. Also facebook allows more characters so your followers can have a longer conversation with you and your twitter followers can link to your facebook page also. It comes down to personal preference – if you don’t like it simply turn it off!

  3. I beleive Linkedin is a good social media tool for the business side of things-but how does one connect with different networks and connections?

    • Ailish,
      If I understand your question correctly, you mean within Linkedin. One of the best ways to do this is to be actively involved in groups. Submitting conversational questions and more importantly showcasing your knowledge and expertise answering other peoples questions.
      Also when requesting to connect with some-one, ensure that you personalise the message, keeping in mind where you met them and what you spoke about.
      Something else to note is to ensure your profile and title describes you correctly as this is how people will find you through searches etc.
      I also cover all of these topics in the Linkedin Video during 7 Steps to Social Media Success.
      To your continued success,

  4. Aisling said

    Hi Breda, Following our training session I have tried to put the iFrame app on our Business page (in order to create a default landing page). When I select the Add to My Page link a box appears asking me which page I want to add the app to but then in the results box below it, it says no resutls found so I cant select my page? Am I missing a step or how do I get it to add to my page?

    • Hi Aisling..
      Great to see that your putting what you learned on the day into practice!

      Your page does not show up as you have already added this application to your page, so you need to edit it from the “Added Apps” section under “Apps” in your “Edit Page” section.
      You cannot a second one of these Iframe applications.

      Should you wish to have this functionality – try the application “My Tab”. It allows you to add multiple applications and has the same functionalites as the Iframe tab you are talking about.

      Let me know how you get on.
      To your continued success,

      • Aisling said

        Hi Breda,

        Thanks for the above information, very helpful. Unfortunately I have another question for you. I just changed over our profile to a business page & that worked & carried over all our friends as fans so thks for showing me how to do that.
        When I go into Apps to get the My Tab app recommend above I get the few added apps on the page but I dont get the option to go/search for more apps. I’ve tried asking FB help how to do this & it suggests I use the “Application Directory” but when I click on this it just brings me back to my page.

        Any suggestions why Im not getting the add more apps option or why this Directory is not working for me?


      • Hi Aisling,

        Unfortunately this seems to be a problem within facebook and you are not the only person affected bt this. A number of comments have gone up in relation to this topic in the last few days:


        The even more unfortunate news is that the App directory has been removed from facebook: Check out these conversations:



        As you can see, the main response to this is that people are not happy. Facebook did not make this a big announcement about this and this seems to have caused a lot of confusion.

        For now use the search bar on your facebook homepage to search for the App you want.

        TIP: Put the word “App” into your search setting so you only get App’s in your result.

        E.G. If searching for an iFrame App put “iFrame App” into the search field, otherwise you will get a mixture of pages and Apps in your search results.

        When you find the App you want the installation procedure should be the same.

        To your continued success,

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