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7 Steps to Social Media Success Q&A

My “7 Steps to Social Media Success” E-Course, will take you through all the steps you need to get your social media platforms up and running.

Just in case you have questions, simply post them here (In the comment box below).. or you may find the question has already been answered for you!

You can ask me questions on

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  • Autoresponders

NOTE: Questions will be answered on Tuesday’s!!

Social Media is a tool to be used in your business.. Are you taking full advantage of it?


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What’s the best advice you got when starting out?

This year one of my goals is to help, support, train and coach as many start-up and small business owners as possible.

I am passionate about working with startups & small business owners as I believe these people;

1. Require extra support, someone to share the stress with and gain new perspectives from.


2. Are more likely to help grow the local economy because as they grow they will also in turn support other small businesses.

I want to gather the advice that  helped you move forward when you were facing some tough challenges. Maybe when you were starting out, hit a lull in your business or when starting off in you career?

Whatever the advice was please share it, in the hope that it will help someone else at a time when they need a great piece of advice!

So if you are a person who has come through some tough challenges, I’d like to invite you to share the best advice you received to help you through – you can even recognise the person who gave it to you, and what happened as a result! Please complete the form below and I will collate the entries into a document to be shared.

Your contribution will be recognised in the document and when it is ready I will send you the document via email.

Please do pass this on..
 share this on Facebook, LinkedIn or if on Twitter, please use #PPFLchat

To your continued success,

Breda – helping you plan today for a brilliant tomorrow.
p.s. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions.
Simply submit into the comment box below and I’ll respond ASAP!

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Sometimes You Just Have To Stop

I had an important meeting to go to a couple of days ago so how annoyed do you think I was when I came down with a serious dose of the flu on Sunday. It was so bad that I literally could not get out of bed for a couple of days….. but what about the research and preparation I had to do for my meeting??

To actually get the full story we need to go back a week previous to this when I woke up one morning feeling pretty horrible with flu like symptoms also. I decided not to let it stop me and continued on working, thinking “ah it’s just a cold!” The next day I felt a little better and put my miraculous recovery down to my self medication tactics of working from my bed and sipping on hot drinks for a day! The next day I felt a little better and continued on as normal, had a weekend filled with meeting friends, socialising, exercise etc. Still singing my own praises of my miraculous recovery, even though I knew I was still not 100%! Until Sunday that was when I could not pretend anymore after my body decided to take control of the reigns!

So I was committed to my bed for 3 days, which actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.. I got to catch up on a lot of reading and DVD’s that have been gathering a pile of dust for some time now. It also allowed me time to think and come up with idea’s and plans for the future.

5 days on I am still not 100% better but getting there and I have learned the following.

Give yourself time to rest: When your body gives you the nudge to rest, then take the hint or you could pay for it at a later stage. Everyone is busy but, we all need our rest time, especially when we are not feeling well. Even if we stop, life will still go on, and whatever needs to be done will get done, even if it’s not at the time you expect it!

Use the time to re-evaluate: I believe that when we get sick it happens because we are not paying attention to something our body is telling us. Instead of rushing your recovery, why not take the time to re-evaluate what’s going on in your life, and asses if any changes should be made. Just ensure to implement those changes when you return to full health again, or you could end up in a vicious cycle!

To your continued success,

Breda – helping you plan today for a brilliant tomorrow.
p.s. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions.
Simply submit into the comment box below and I’ll respond ASAP!


WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR PUBLICATION OR WEB SITE? You are welcome to use this article anytime, just be sure to republish it intact and include the following author/copyright information and links:

© Copyright Breda Stackpool, 2011 – Breda Stackpool, founder of Perfect Plans For Life, believes everyone can have the Business and/or Lifestyle they want through effective planning, time management and follow through. She publishes her newsletters and articles to inspire people to make small changes in their life so they can dramatically change their results. This free information is available in her newsletters and E-book “Becoming Unstuck”.

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Clutter = Chaos and Confusion

When I was in college my room-mates used to call me “Mammy”, and no it wasn’t because I was constantly trying to tell them what to do, it was because I always kept the place in order! And now whenever my group of friends want to get something organised they always say, let’s ask Breda to do it!

Have you ever heard the saying – “if you want to get something done, ask a busy person to do it!

People have often said to me – “You always seem to fit so much into your life”, and today I am going to tell you the secret why!

Planning and Organisation is my “thing”!! And I pride myself on it. Now, there have been times in my life when I was not so organised and as a result I found that I became confused, noting seemed to get done when I needed it to be, and eventually everything became chaotic and very hard to control.

So what’s my planning secret – Clutter control!
Yep, as simple as that.

Here are my thoughts on the types of clutter you could have in your life:

  • Environment Clutter: Look around you – what does your environment look like? Your desk, your office, your home? When your environment is cluttered, it may cause some of the results that you produce to be inconsistent. This could be due to the fact that you are constantly chasing your tail and due to this your plans run off track and in some cases out of control.
  • Head Clutter: I’m referring to the thoughts you think and what you tell yourself on a daily basis. Are these negative or positive thoughts? Do you believe you can do anything you set your mind to and get to work on producing the result, or do you sometimes give up before you even begin?

So do you have clutter in your life? If so, is it time to de-clutter?

I believe the three most important areas’ you need to keep clutter free are:

  1. Your office: It is important to keep this clutter free in order for you to get all your tasks completed on a daily and weekly basis. If you are constantly looking at mess and disorganisation then it can become very hard to keep your plan on track and your day under control.
  2. Your bedroom: What you need at the end of the day is a space to relax and unwind after a long hard day, so you can look forward to a great night’s sleep. And when you wake up in the morning it’s great to be in an environment that you can think clearly in before you start into your day.
  3. Your Head: This is of utmost importance. If you can’t turn off all the negative talk that you listen to on a daily basis then how can you achieve what you want to achieve? A great tip to help you clear some of this clutter if to write your thoughts down, then ask yourself questions like – How is this affecting me? When you write the answers, things can become very clear! And you can get so much more done when you are thinking clearly and focused.

Wishing you sometime this week to clear your clutter!

To your continued success,

Breda – helping you take your brain pain away.
p.s. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions.
Simply submit into the comment box below and I’ll respond ASAP!

p.p.s – I don’t know where I would be without the coaches and mentors who helped me to de-clutter my head! If you would like that chance,

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The no more excuses campaign yields results!

How many things have you sitting on your to-do lists that have not been tackled yet?

Do you feel like you will never get around to them?

Do you tell yourself that you don’t have the time?

Do you think you will ever see the day when they will be completed?

Life can sometimes turn into one long list of things to do, can’t it? Everyone has a lot to do, but how come some people seem to pack so much in and create results, and some people don’t?

We are all guilty of it, putting things on the long finger that is! I know I am, but as this year I have committed to “No more excuses”, I had to come up with an alternative!!

So last week one of my top priorities was reducing my “long finger list”. Some of the listings on there were attached to excuses such as:

  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t know how to do that
  • I don’t want to do that
  • That will take too long

I’m sure you can relate!

So I sat at my desk one morning and as planning is my thing, I created a plan to reduce this list and then implemented it.

This turned out to be easier than I had originally told myself. I decided to give myself 1 hour a day to look at these tasks and only these tasks. I moved all of my “long finger” tasks onto a new Action list and ensured that I had no other distractions for that hour.

During that hour I took on one task at a time and ensured it was completed in full before I moved onto the next one. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you put a time limit on it! And as I pleasantly discovered, a lot of tasks don’t take as long as you would think!

And the result, well that list has significantly reduced in size and some of the results I am starting to see have amazed me!!

More importantly than that, I have realized that these tasks were on this list for a reason and for a few of them I had lost sight of the reason they were there, but it was a lot easier than I thought to get back on track again.

So now it’s your turn to plan and implement and I would love to hear how you get on!

To your continued success,

Breda – helping you take your brain pain away.
p.s. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments or questions.
Simply submit into the comment box below and I’ll respond ASAP!

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR PUBLICATION OR WEB SITE? You are welcome to use this article anytime, just be sure to republish it intact and include the following author/copyright information and links:

© Copyright Breda Stackpool, 2010 – Breda Stackpool, founder of Perfect Plans For Life, believes everyone can create and implement a plan to have the Business and/or Lifestyle they want. She publishes her newsletters and articles to give you tips, advice and resources to make small changes in your life so you can dramatically change your results. This free information is available in her “Prioritise Your Success” newsletters and E-book “Becoming Unstuck.

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Why Are We So Reluctant To Ask For Help?

In my line of work I meet people all the time who when they hear what I do, respond by saying “Oh I could really benefit from working with someone like you”.  Every time I hear this my immediate thought is “Brilliant, this person is prepared to step up, get the help they require to make the changes they need to make, and get the life they want”.

However, the majority of people fail to follow up on this statement, fail to take the next step to gain a new perspective on things and learn how they can change.

And this has led me to asking the question, ” Why are we so reluctant to ask for help?”

We all know that things are not going as well as they used to. Some people have come up against some major challenges in the last year or so. Some people have embraced these challenges and continued to move forward taking one step at a time.

But for others, these challenges have stopped them in their tracks. They now feel stuck, not knowing where to turn or what to do. They have many questions they do not have answers for.

For some this is an unfamiliar feeling that they do not know how to handle and for others this is something that has been present in their lives for some time now.

In normal day to day life if you came across a question that you do not have the answer for. What would you do – ask someone, right? And if they didn’t know then you would keep asking until you eventually get the information you need.

Why is it, when it comes to personal issues – like relationships, peace of mind, business success, life problems, health problems, financial problems, emotional problems – that we do not address these questions in the same way?

Yes, asking for help can be hard, but nothing changes if you don’t.

People often look around and try to solve their problems by copying someone else, but you cannot find yourself in someone else. Every person is different. Every person has their own challenges to overcome, but if you don’t deal with what your own core problems are first, you can often be left wondering why did it work for them and not me?

You gain strength, courage and commitment by every experience. It is up to you to learn from each one, and should you require some help to get answers to the questions you are facing then it is up to you to ask for it.

Personally, asking for help was something that took me some time to accept as the right thing to do. For years I had an image up for others to see and for me to hide behind. When I discovered this I decided to learn and grow.  It took courage for me to step out of my comfort zone and “expose” my flaws. But a funny thing happened, no-one else noticed! What they did notice was how content I became and how my image was now one of happiness. Since then I have completely changed my life and I now have things I have always said I wanted. I’m no longer asking the questions I could not find the answers for, because I got the help and support I needed to find them.

“That’s what learning is, after all, not whether we lose the game, but how we lose and how we’ve changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other games. Losing in a curious way, is winning.” Richard Bach

Be brave, take risks, noting can substitute for experience.

I wish you courage to ask for help to find the answers to the questions you have been asking.

Breda – helping you take your brain pain away.

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See It and You Will Get It

Happy Saint Patricks Day!!

A day of celebration all over the world. Who would have thought that a 16 year old boy who was captured from Britain by Irish raiders to work as a slave would go on to have such an impact on Ireland and indeed the world!
Apparently his journey to Sainthood started with a dream in which the Irish people were calling him back to “walk amongst them once more” . Everyone in this world has dreams. Do you know what yours are? If not maybe think about them now. Make them as big as possible. I’m sure St. Patrick did not set out to become a Saint, but he must have aimed pretty high to get there.

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